As per the expert analysis, people who age between 12-25 are at greater risk of HIV infection. Over several decades, the virus has transformed through critical diagnosis culminating in AIDS. While there is a significant decline in the growth of HIV cases over the past decades, the age group of millennials has witnessed a huge growth in HIV infection rates. Experts believe that younger people are not well-informed with the severity of AIDs and their reckless and unprotected sexual encounters are the main reasons behind the matter. 

The human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) debilitates a person's resistant stamina by destroying essential immunity cells called T-cells. These particular immunity cells are important for the human body to fight disease and infection. Although no cure has been found to cure this disease, safe sex and medications can keep the virus from spreading inside the body. However, this doesn't imply that the affected person will be able to live a normal life. If HIV is diagnosed in the early stage, it can be treated with certain medications, but this fact has lessened the fear of AIDs among millennials. But such negligence has cost so many lives in this age group and this is why it is important for young people to opt for HIV tests. 

Most of the young adults who are affected by HIV hardly know that they have the disease lurking inside their body until they feel critical medical conditions. Getting diagnosed at an early stage allows one to start their AIDS treatment as soon as possible and stop their health from degrading severely. Experts highly suggest the young people to voluntarily opt for HIV testing to be assured of their health condition. To avoid HIV, one should consider safe sex practise using protection and bypass using a shared syringe for medicine or drug injection.